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Law: Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials and Publishers' Help Guides

There are three legal publishers in Australia who provide the online databases that you will use most often: LexisNexis (Lexis+), Thomson Reuters (Westlaw), and Wolters Kluwer (CCH iKnowConnect).

They all provide very good training documentation on their websites, which can be printed out and kept for reference - or you can watch the online tutorials to learn about searching and navigating the databases.

Law Database Tutorials

(Note: This video refers to Lexis Advance, however still applies for Lexis+)

  • Lexis+ includes the CaseBase citator, case law, annotated legislation (via LawNow), journals and legal commentary. The Lexis+ platform also covers international legal materials.
  • CaseBase signals and annotations - explanation of acronyms and signals used. See also: 'Help' link, top right on the Lexis+ homepage.
  • Lexis+ Search Connectors - overview of the search connectors and terms used on Lexis+
  • Knowledge Network - short video tutorials
  • Lexis® Learning - Effective research skills training portal  (See below for registration details)

(Note: This video refers to CCH IntelliConnect, however still applies for CCH iKnowConnect)

(Note: This video refers to Westlaw AU, however still applies for the new Westlaw platform)

Open Law - latest decisions of selected Australian and International Courts and Tribunals and Australian legislation.
Register for free student access to JADE Professional.

Jade BarNet Quick Guides in PDF:

Upcoming Webinars (free - register to attend)

  • ECU Library Workshop - AGLC4 Legal Citation for Law (Sem 2, 2024)
    In this workshop you will learn how to reference using AGLC4, the legal citation style in common use in Australia. You will also learn how to locate AGLC referencing materials and assistance. 







31 July


5.00 – 6.00pm

Register (coming soon)


29 August


12.30 – 1.30pm

(coming soon)

  • If you are unable to attend these workshops and require assistance with AGLC4, please email
  • You can watch a recording of the workshop - click the link and go to Referencing for Law

  • Westlaw - videos / webinars
    Watch short video clips or register to attend free online webinars and improve your legal research skills (ongoing).

Register for a free training session to get started with CCH iKnowConnect.  These introductory sessions will introduce the wide range of practical tools and functionality available on the CCH iKnowConnect platform.

  • JADE (free open law resource - e.g. for locating unreported judgments)
    Click to see the live online training schedule, including:
    • Introducing JADE - a tour of JADE and the basics of searching, saving and sharing.
    • Getting Savvy with JADE - take your legal research skills to the next level with JADE's intermediate training. 
    • Jasmine (new) - ask Jasmine a question and you will be shown passages from judgments with answers, and a supercharged starting point to continue your legal research journey from within JADE