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Law: Legal Research

Research Tips

  • Legal materials are categorised into Primary and Secondary sources:
    • Primary Sources (Case law / Legislationare written RECORDS OF the law.
    • Secondary Sources are resources ABOUT the law. This includes discussions or legal commentary about sentencing decisions and remarks by Judges, such as:
      • Books, digests, journal articles, loose-leaf publications and online services;
      • Reference tools, which help find and explain the law (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, guides and directories).
      • Extrinsic Materials will also be referred to in the context of legislation, and are used to assist in interpreting the meaning and intent of legislation. Examples include: Parliamentary debates (Hansard) - explanatory memoranda (EMs), reports of law reform commissions, parliamentary committee reports and second reading speeches.

  • Visit ECU's Law Library (Joondalup Campus - Building 31, level 4) to access printed law reports and legal encyclopaedia.

Databases - Australian Legal Research

Open Law - Legal Research Gateways

eBooks / Books

Laying Down the Law

Robin Creyke, David Hamer, Patrick O'Mara, Belinda Smith and Tristan Taylor
(LexisNexis Butterworths, 11th ed, 2021) [ebook]

A Practical Guide to Legal Research

Jay Sanderson, Drossos Stamboulakis and Kim Kelly (Thomson Reuters, 5th ed, 2021) [ebook]

Nemes and Coss' Effective Legal Research

Bruce Bott and Ruth Talbot-Stokes (LexisNexis Butterworths, 7th ed, 2018) [ebook]

Essential Legal Skills: A Guide for First Year Law Students

Samantha Kontra (Thomson Reuters, 2022) [ebook]

Connecting with Law

Michelle Sanson and Thalia Anthony (Oxford University Press, 4th ed, 2019) [ebook]

Understanding the Australian Legal System

John Carvan (Thomson Reuters, 7th ed, 2014) [print]
Call Number: 349.94 CAR

Piesse - The Elements of Drafting

J. K. Aitken and Peter Butt (Lawbook Co., 10th ed, 2004) [ebook]

Unlocking Legal Learning

Chris Turner and Jo Boylan-Kemp (Routledge, 3rd ed, 2012) [ebook]

Becoming a Lawyer: Success at Law School

Michael Brogan and David Spencer (Oxford University Press, 3rd ed, 2014) [print]
Call Number: 340.071194 BRO