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Law: Corporations Law

Corporations Law

Books on Corporations Law are shelved at Call Number 346.066

Historical Corporations Law

  • Occasionally it will be necessary to search for sections of the Corporations law as it was at a point in time in the past. The Corporations law has undergone significant change and reform over the years.  See: History of Australian Corporate Law on the Centre for Corporate Law website.
  • Once you know the legislative environment of the period you need to research, you can access internet versions of historical WA legislation on the Western Australian Legislation website and historical Commonwealth legislation on the Federal Register of Legislation site. These versions of the legislation have been archived as at certain dates, usually when they have been superseded. Often you will find a version that covers the period you are researching.
  • Not all past versions of company or corporations legislation will be available online - sometimes you will need to refer to the hard copy statutes in the Law Library reference collection.