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SLIDE: Student Learning in a Digital Environment: Studying at ECU

Starting your studies at ECU

At ECU we understand that every student is different. Different work arrangements, different family responsibilities, and different locations. It's why we offer the flexibility of studying on-campus as well as having many of our units and courses available in a fully off-campus mode. Regardless of what mode you study in, ECU uses a technology-enhanced approach to learning and teaching within the Digital Learning Environment (DLE).

If you need help choosing what mode to study in, or what units to enrol in, or how to select your timetable, you should contact the Student Hub.

Introduction to ECU's digital learning environment: expectations, technology requirements, bring your own device, key systems, and all ECU systems.

The Student Portal is the gateway to web applications, the Student Intranet and other student information at ECU. The portal web page provides access to many applications such as: 

  • the online exams submission
  • links to external websites

The Student Intranet is a great source of information, with live news updates and events calendars keeping you up-to-speed with activities like: 

  • semester and exam timetables
  • enrolments dates
  • social events
  • workshops and training.

There’s also support for your studies, health and finances, information about fees and life on campus and more.