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SLIDE: Student Learning in a Digital Environment: Online classes and meetings

Online classes and meetings: Etiquette & tips

If you are learning online, you may participate in online classes using Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Microsoft Teams may also be used for student tasks, group assessments and with Study Support consultation and meetings. Some of these online classes may be recorded so it's good to know what's expected and how to communicate and behave appropriately in an online setting.

  • Add a picture for your Microsoft Teams and Zoom profiles.
  • Find a quiet space to join in your online class or meeting.
  • Make sure you have a stable and reliable internet connection.
  • Use a USB headset with a microphone for the best audio quality and experience (a Bluetooth device or a laptop speaker and microphone may have unreliable connection during the class or meeting).
  • Set up your devices and run an audio and video check before the class or meeting.
  • In a meeting: it is good practice to greet everyone and introduce yourself or say your name if you are speaking with someone for the first time.
  • Mute your microphone whenever you are not speaking: this reduces unwanted noise and interruptions to others.
  • Speak clearly in your normal voice into your microphone: there's no need to shout or speak too softly.
  • Avoid talking over other people and let only one person speak at a time.
    • You can ask questions to the instructor/moderator using the chat feature in Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
    • In Collaborate and Zoom you can 'Raise your hand' to ask a question.
  • If you are using a webcam: 
    • Position your camera so that at least your face and/or top half of your body is visible.
    • Make sure you have good lighting so people can see you.
    • Be aware of what is behind you; a simple background is best e.g. a blank wall. If you are using Microsoft Teams you can blur or change your background image so others can't see what's around you.


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