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SLIDE: Student Learning in a Digital Environment: Lifelong learning

Become a lifelong learner

As a lifelong learner you will continually develop and improve the skills and knowledge that you will need not only for employment but for personal success throughout your life.

School to university to work life cycle: become a lifelong learner to become better at what you do, to keep pace with changes in technology, for personal enjoyment, to develop career skills, and enables you to always be curious.

10 beneficial lifelong learning skills:

  1. Creativity - Why? As the marketplace becomes more competitive, the organisation you work for will need creative thinkers to design innovative products and applications that will grab consumer attention.
  2. Problem solving - Why? The world is in a constant state of change, you will face challenges that will require you to look at a problem, define it, design a solution and put the solution in place. 
  3. Critical thinking - Why? The ability to think independently, responsibly and productively will ensure your future success in this ever changing world.
  4. Leadership - Why? Great leaders are essential in every workplace, they can inspire, motivate and empower those they lead and teach them to harness their full potential.
  5. Communication - Why? In the digital age, communication using technology has become more important than ever before and you may find yourself working in teams with people from around the world. Having great communication skills means less stress and better relationships.
  6. Collaboration - Why? Communication and collaboration are the most beneficial lifelong skills for students. You will use it in your classes and when you enter the workforce.
  7. Information management and security - Why? The digital age has created an information economy and dealing with information means you need to understand what types of information are valuable, what should be discarded and how to do it safely.
  8. Adaptability - Why? Trends constantly come and go in everything from business, technology, entertainment to lifestyle and communication. This means you need to stay informed and learn to be able to adapt to change. 
  9. Curiosity - Why? Without curiosity there is no learning. Be curious, learn and expand your mind.
  10. Reflection - Why? In order to truly be a lifelong learner you need to be prepared to reflect on what you are learning and whether it has helped you or others. Consider the benefits of learning something to be efficient with your time.


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