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SLIDE: Student Learning in a Digital Environment: Online netiquette

Online behaviour: Your responsibilities

People use technology every day to stay in touch, connect and share information with their social networks. However, technology can be used to hurt others online by making inappropriate posts, tags, sharing and cyber abuse. 

As an ECU student, you have the right to feel safe in the real and virtual world and you have a responsibility when using any form of technology. ECU has a social media student guide and University code of conduct which you can access from the resources section. 

Remember: practice the ECU values and be respectful at all times

Communicating online should not be any different to face-to-face interactions therefore it is important that you use normal conversation etiquette: 

  • Be polite 
  • Avoid the use of profanity or ‘bad’ language 
  • Respect other viewpoints 
  • Be aware of cultural differences 
  • Be careful with sarcasm and humour