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SLIDE: Student Learning in a Digital Environment: Expectations at ECU

What is expected of you

When studying in a Digital Learning Environment (DLE), your main source of information for your units is the LMS and the discussion boards (in the LMS). Here are some expectations:

Managing expectations. From lecturers: response times, marks and feedback times, unit specific guidelines. From students: participation, netiquette, student charter. From support services: how to contact, response times.

  • Participate actively and positively in the teaching-learning environment, and maintain regular progress in your studies.

  • Display responsible attitudes towards staff, fellow students and visitors to the University, and treat University property with respect.

  • Discussion boards are there for you to get to know fellow students and to help each other out so be sure to check the discussion boards in your Units regularly.

  • Participate in the discussions with your fellow students; ask and answer questions.

  • Attempt all assignments on your own, ensuring each piece of work you submit is unique and not previously submitted.

  • Make sure that you are fully aware of the Universities polices regarding academic integrity and plagiarism.


What is expected from Teaching Staff

Each of your units will have a team of teaching staff including your Unit Coordinator, your lecturer and your tutors. All information about your assessments in the Unit will be found under the “assessments” link on the left hand menu in the LMS. This information will also be available from the Unit Plan which you can find on the LMS. Make sure you know when your assessments are due to be submitted and how they are to be submitted.

  • Once you have completed and submitted your assignment, you will receive your marks in at least 2 weeks. Your marks will be visible from the “Grades” section of the LMS.

If you need to contact teaching staff to ask a general question, use the Discussion Board in the LMS. If it is a personal matter, please use the “email” or “messaging” tool in the LMS.