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Academic Staff - Reading List: Copyright

Copyright restrictions for electronic items

Under the Copyright Act and the University’s Agreement with Copyright Agency Limited, various restrictions are imposed on the portion of a work that can be copied.

These limits are:

  • 1 chapter or 10% of a book, but more if the book is out of print or out of copyright.
  • 1 article per issue of a journal, but more if the articles are deemed to be of the same specific subject matter (e.g. a themed issue). This only applies to PDFs, not links.
  • Limits apply across all book editions unless the editions are markedly different.
  • The whole or part of a literary or dramatic work in a published anthology if not more than 15 pages.

Links are not considered "copies" and have no limits or restrictions.

If you have any questions about copyright, contact our Copyright Officer on

Guidelines for educational copyright use can be found on the Copyright Agency website