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Academic Staff - Reading List: Activation of Readings

Activation of Semester Reading Lists

Activation of Readings - Quick Guide

If you would like detailed instructions with screenshots, please click here

To Activate readings to make them available for your next Teaching Period.

Go to Reading List within your LMS site

Click on the "Reading Lists" button > New List

Click on the Predefined button and choose dates from the drop down menu, or Custom for your own dates > Next

In the UNIT box, type in the Unit that has the readings you want activated (this could even be from another unit) > Under Reading List, choose your dates from the drop down box that has your readings > NEXT

Click on ALL or individually choose the items you want transferred > NEXT

A screen will appear showing you the readings that will be available > CREATE


Activation of Readings - Detailed Guide

This is how you can activate your readings from a previous semester to your next Teaching Period

You can see a video of the process here, provided by our vendor :

To activate items, navigate to the Reading List by clicking on the Reading list link on the side bar of Canvas

With Reading List, click on the Reading List drop down box (point 2).  Click on New



On the next screen, you can click the "Predefined" button for pre-set teaching periods.  These are set by the library.  Choose your teaching period and then click next.

Or if you prefer, you can set your own custom dates with the "Custom" button and then click Next. you can only select Custom dates that are less then 12 months.

On the next screen, you choose the Unit which has the readings you want.

NB: If you have a different unit with the same readings you want, you can transfer the readings from that unit.
ie: We are putting Readings into Unit AAA1111.    Unit BBB2222 has all the same readings that you want so at this point, we can choose Unit BBB2222 and put those readings into Unit AAA1111.  

Under the Reading List drop down menu is the list of Readings that have been used in the past - choose which list has the readings you wish to use for your next teaching period:


The page will refresh and populate the readings.  Click on the folders to expand them.  Click the individual boxes next to each reaching to choose which readings you want to transfer and click next.  Or to select all items in each folder, click on the tick box next to the folder. If you have multiple folders, please click the box beside each folder.   Click next



The system then gives you a chance to review your readings.  Click "back" to go back to add or remove Readings.  
Once you click CREATE, you can not go back to this bulk activation area.   Click Create once you have finished.


Congratulations, your readings will now be available for the Teaching Period you have selected


Now, when you click on the Reading List drop down menu, you will also see the Teaching Period you have just created.


Core items with "submitted" will be reviewed by Library Staff and once approved, will appear active to students.