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Academic Staff - Reading List: Import Citations into Reading List

Import Citations into Reading List

Citations saved as RIS files can be imported into your Reading List.

Open Blackboard and select your required unit under 'My Units'.  Click the Reading List link from the left hand menu.  If you don't have the Reading List link in the left hand menu see the instructions for Adding a Reading List to My Blackboard Site.


When the Reading List opens, select Add > Readings from File



On the next screen select the RIS file and then provide the Reading details:

  • set the duration - it should not exceed the dates of the Teaching Period.
  • Set the Reading Importance

    Core readings are usually mandatory readings on the Bookshop List and will need to be approved by the Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning of your School before it can be made available to students.  Library staff will organise this approval.  These readings will also appear in the Handbook.

    Required and Optional require no further permissions and can be used at your discretion.

  • Add optional Notes for Library or for Students.

If you want the physical item in the campus High Use Collection, notify library staff by filling in the “For Library” field. Eg. High Use Collection 1xJOO, 1xBUN.

  • Click on Submit



After the file import you will receive an email stating whether the import has been successful or not.  However, even in the case of a successful import, it is most important that you check the status of the Reading to ensure all required information has been provided. You can do this by refreshing the screen to show the imported items.

Items below have the "Needs Review" status.  Click on the button indicated below to edit the Reading.

In this case, Endnote did not have the Publisher and Link in the citation and these will have to be added manually.  Then press SUBMIT

This item will now appear with an ACTIVE status and will be available to students.




The Reading Status will determine if a Reading can be seen by students or requires further work.

Only items with a status of ACTIVE can be seen by students. 


Submitted: item has been sent to library staff.

Needs review : Usually missing mandatory fields, use the edit button to fill in what is required.

Processing : your item is being worked on by library staff, either requesting a purchase if the library doesn’t own the item or seeking the Dean’s approval for a Core Reading.

Pending : This is ready to become Active on its pre-determined date.

Active : Available for students

Rejected : request has been rejected.  Hover over this status for the reason, which will be provided by library staff.  You will also get an email informing you of the rejection and the reason why.

Removed : request was rejected while active.  You will be emailed with a reason why this may occur.

Expired : The pre-determined ‘end’ date of an item has been reached and the item is no longer available to the students.