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Academic Staff - Reading List: Add readings from one unit to another

Add Readings from one unit to another

Different units sometimes require the same list of items.  This is a way of exporting items from a Reading List you need into another units' Reading List after the list has been activated.

To start, go into the Reading List tool of the unit whose items you wish to replicate.

On the top row of buttons, click on Export and on the drop down menu, Export to RIS.



Click on save file/ ok

Save file on your computer.  We will need this file later so remember where you save it.

You now have your list of items ready to transfer, or edit in Endnote.

Exit that course Reading List.

Go into the unit Reading List you want to put the items into.

On the buttons at the top of the screen, click on "Add" and from the drop down menu "Readings from file"

Click "Select a file" and choose the .ris file previously saved or edited.

Pick the duration/dates that you wish the items to be available to your students.
Choose the Reading Importance (Core, Required, Optional)
Click submit

After a few minutes, the Reading List will populate with items.  You may need to refresh your browser (press F5).


Click on edit button next to the "Needs review" item, it looks like this:

It will bring to this screen, which we need to redefine some fields to find your actual item.

The fields needing to be changed to find your item :
LOCATIONS: use the x to close down the search for ECU WorldSearch
DOCUMENT: change from "Book Chapter" to "Any book genre" from the drop down box
TERMS: use the x to close the "Chapter Title" field, it is not required.

Click submit

A list will appear with matches to your search terms.
Select the reading from the list that best matches your item clicking the "choose reading" box

On the next screen, pick the duration/dates that you wish the items to be available to your students.
Choose the reading importance (Core, Required and Optional) and click Submit.

Repeat this step for all "NEEDS REVIEW" items.