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Academic Staff - Reading List: Finding a reading to add to Reading List

Find a Reading - Quick Guide

To see a detailed guide with screenshots, please click here

Go to your Reading List

Click on the Add button > Find existing reading

Click Find > Choose format from "Document" drop down box > Choose "Terms" from drop down box

Type item details > FIND

Click "WORLD" icon to check resource belongs to ECU

Click "TICK" button to add resource to your Reading List


Find a Reading - Detailed Guide

An existing reading is a Reading already available within the Reading List that another Academic has submitted.  'Find your reading' can also search our catalogue for books held in our collection, fills in all the fields and creates a link to the item.

Please be aware that the Reading List module is not designed to research Readings that might be relevant for your teaching.  Before adding a resource you should have ascertained what you want to add and have basic identifying criteria such as Title, Author, ISBN or ISSN.


Click on Add from the top menu buttons.  A drop down menu will appear, click on Find an existing reading


Click on Find as shown in the screenshot below

LOCATIONS are populated by default.  ECU WorldSearch will search the ECU library catalogue.
eReserve Plus will search items within the Reading List repository (ie. items that have already been added to Reading List previously).

The DOCUMENT field is a drop down box, choose your Document type, for example, "Any book reading genre", "Any journal reading genre". 
Enter your search terms : ISBN/ISSN is an excellent search criterion as it will find the exact item you are looking for.

Submit the search and a results list should appear below the search box.



Once the search has been populated, you can check individual items in the search results to see if this is the item you require by pressing the “world” button to see the catalogue entry.

If you are happy with the item, you can click on the box with the tick, illustrated below


Add your duration (a semester/year) and choose READING IMPORTANCE.

Core readings are usually mandatory readings on the Bookshop List and will need to be approved by the Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning of your School before it can be made available to students.  Library staff will organise this approval.  These readings will also appear in the Handbook.  Core items are automatically put into the High Use Collection.

Required and Optional require no further permissions and can be used at your discretion.


Your reading list should appear with your newly added item