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Academic Staff - Reading List: Export Citations from ECU Library Catalogue

Export Citations from the ECU Library Catalogue

You can export citations from the ECU Library catalogue and save them in RIS format prior to importing them into your Reading List.  Search the library catalogue to locate the Reading you are interested in. The library catalogue can be searched at or


You can cite a single record directly from the search results page. Click on   


When the popup box appears, first select the citation style and then choose either Export to EndNote or Export to RIS.

If EndNote is installed on your computer, the citation can be saved directly to your EndNote Library when you click Open with

Otherwise, save the RIS file and choose the location and filename.

opening citation.ris from catalogue



To cite several records from your search results, first save them to a list by clicking on  for each record to be saved.

Scroll up to the top of the page and click on the  link.

On the My List screen, first select the required citations by clicking on the check boxes.  Next, click on the sharing button  choose Cite record, then either Cite with EndNote or Export to RIS.


If EndNote is installed on your computer, the citations can be saved to your EndNote Library by choosing to Open the RIS file with .  Alternatively save the RIS file by choosing a location and filename.