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Academic Staff - Reading List: Add a new book to Reading List

Add a New Book to Reading List

If a book you want to add can not be found via the find an existing reading, a new record can be created.  This is creating a record ‘from scratch’ therefore you will need to have the book details on hand to fill in the fields manually.  Please complete as much information as possible as this will assist in creating a complete citation that the students will be able to refer to once the item is added to Reading List.


Click on Add from the top menu buttons.  A drop down menu will appear, click on New book reading, as illustrated below.


Choose the Duration that the reading will be available, this can be a semester or a year, or any date range you deem appropriate.

Set the Reading Importance.

Core readings are usually mandatory readings on the Bookshop List and will need to be approved by the Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning of your School before it can be made available to students.  Library staff will organise this approval.  These readings will also appear in the Handbook.  Core items will go into the High Use Collection.

Required and Recommended require no further permissions and can be used at your discretion.

Use the Library Notes field for any instructions to library staff.

The For Students field can be used for instructions to students.  You can also use this field to add the citation as there is no guarantee the System generated one will be correct.




The source document fields are on the left hand side of the screen.

Fields with a red asterisk are mandatory and must be filled in.

The Place field is not mandatory but we suggest you fill it in so the system generated citation for the item will be complete.



The right hand side of the form is where you complete details of the reading, and how it can be accessed.  As we are adding a Whole Book, the Reading Title will be the same as the Source Document title.

Select the Genre of your reading.  In this case, it will be a Whole Book


The Kind field offers a choice of File, Link or Locate. 
If the item is held at ECU, you can link from ECU WorldSearch to the individual book, which will then show the available locations (ie. Held in a campus library or available as an ebook). Use ECU WorldSearch to see whether the ECU Library holds the resource

Find the record of the book and click on “Share > Record link” on the right hand side of the page (see image below). 

Copy the link and paste into your Kind>Link field.


Choose Locate if the resource is not currently held by the ECU Library but you wish it to be added to the ECU collection and provided to your students.  Library staff will organise a purchase request for this item and it will be made available to students once it is part of the library collection.

Click SUBMIT when all fields are filled in.



Sometimes a book may already be in the Reading List and being used for a different unit.  When this is the case, the system will suggest items that match your new reading.  You can check the Reading by clicking on the World icon.  If one of the suggestions is the item you require, you can click the square button with a tick and the system will use the record already in the Reading List system.

If the suggestions are not what you require, click “Proceed with request



Click on the title of the Reading to see the Citation.

To see the dates the reading is available to students, hover over the Status (eg Active).

Buttons to the right of the title enable you to View the reading, Hide the reading, Edit (this is restricted to changing the Importance to Core/Required/Recommended and a change of link), Delete the reading and Views, the number of times the reading has been clicked on by students.





Only items with a status of ACTIVE can be seen by students. 


Submitted: item has been sent to library staff.

Needs review: Usually missing mandatory fields, use the edit button to fill in what is required.

Processing: your item is being worked on by library staff, either requesting a purchase if the library doesn’t own the item or seeking the Dean’s approval for a Core Reading.

Pending: This is ready to become Active on its pre-determined date.

Active: Available for students

Rejected: request has been rejected.  Hover over this status for the reason, which will be provided by library staff.  You will also get an email informing you of the rejection and the reason why.

Removed: request was rejected while active.  You will be emailed with a reason why this may occur.

Expired: The pre-determined ‘end’ date of an item has been reached and the item is no longer available to the students.