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Academic Staff - Reading List: Add a new journal article to Reading List

Add a New Journal Article to Reading List

This guide is for adding journal articles.  Only one article from one issue in PDF format is allowed to be active at one time due to copyright.  There is no restrictions for linking.

If the library does not have a subscription to the journal article, conference paper or book chapter you wish to include as an electronic reading you will need to provide a PDF when you enter the reading on the reading List.

If you require multiple articles from the same issue in PDF format, you can change the "Duration" so articles are available for different weeks during the semester.

If the article is not already on Reading List, a new record will need to be created ‘from scratch’.  You will need to have the journal details on hand to fill in the fields manually.  Please complete as much information as possible as this will assist in creating a complete system generated citation that the students will be able to refer to once the item is added to Reading List.


Click on the Add button and from the drop down menu, click New journal reading



Choose the Duration of the reading, this can be a semester or a year.

Set the Reading Importance

Core readings are mandatory texts rather than journal articles.  Unless there are special circumstances, journal articles will be changed to required or optional if they are submitted as Core, as per instructions from the Associate Deans of Teaching and Learning.  If you wish to have an article as Core, please write in the Library Notes "This is a CORE text" and the library will arrange permission.  Core texts appear in the handbook.

Required and Optional require no further permissions and can be used at your discretion.


Fields with a red asterisk are mandatory and must be filled in.  Every field you fill in will help the system create a citation.

Journal title is the name of the JOURNAL.

You can fill in the article title on the opposite side of the screen under Reading title.

The Issue and Place fields are not mandatory but we suggest you fill them in so the citation for the item will be complete.

Select the Genre of your reading from the drop down menu.  For example, if you are submitting an article from a journal, choose “Journal Article”.

The Kind field offers a choice of File, Link or Locate.

Before you submit a PDF, make it high quality so that students using assistive technology (for example, Text-to-Speech Recognition software) are not disadvantaged in any way.

If you have a PDF, choose File and a ‘browse’ button will appear.  Upload this from your computer.



To link to an article held by an ECU database, an ezproxy prefix is required so students can access this off campus.  This prefix is:

Add the Pages - click on the Paginated button, a field will appear for the page numbers of your item.


Click SUBMIT when all the fields are filled in.








All items with the status apart from ACTIVE can not be seen by students.


Submitted: item has been sent to library staff.

Needs review : Usually missing mandatory fields, use the edit button to fill in what is required.

Processing : this has been looked at by library staff who are working on your request, either requesting a purchase or sending to Dean for approval if it’s a Core Reading

Pending : This is ready to become live on its pre-determined date

Active : Available for students

Rejected : request has been rejected.  Hover over this status for the reason, which will be provided by library staff.  You will also get an email with the reject reason.

Removed : request was rejected while active.  You will be emailed with a reason why this may occur.

Expired : Item no longer available to students after it was made active for the pre-determined date.