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Music : Bringing it all together!

Everything you need to know about music resources and how to find them in the ECU library

Bringing it all together

After browsing through this guide, here are a few challenges to try.

You don't need to have read everything here, the challenges have hints, but they should put everything into perspective.

Good luck!

Jazz & Contemporary Activity


Prince (Artist Formally Known As, not his father Prince Rogers - but there's a challenge for you!)

  • Find reviews of Prince's first performance(s) in Perth (look at the Indexes, or Factiva)
  • Look for interviews of Prince, about his influences
  • Find a full list of recordings by Prince your Library has
  • Find the Sheet music for the song "Purple Rain" and the shelf code


Classical Activity

Robert Schumann
  • A scholarly encyclopedia article (in print, or perhaps Grove Music Online)
  • Books about the composer (at ECU - Note: you could just browse the 780s, but how would you use Worldsearch to find a book OR eBook?)
  • Academic articles in journals using research databases (Hint: RILM is good for historical musicological research)
  • Music scores in various editions (using ECU Worldsearch OR online music resources)
  • Thematic catalogues (mostly for classical material)
  • Primary sources, like manuscripts or facsimiles, using RISM


Prince 1983 1st Avenue. (Bremer, J., 1983).  Used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License:

Robert Schumann, 1839. Lithography by Josef Kriehuber. Wikimedia Commons