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Music : Contemporary

Everything you need to know about music resources and how to find them in the ECU library

Books & Journals on Contemporary Music

Items on Contemporary and Popular Music are located in the library at 781. You can browse the shelves or search by keyword, title or author using ECUWorldSearch. Click on the links below for a quick browse of what is available in the library collection.

Call Number Subject Heading
780.904 Contemporary Music - Music 20th century - History and criticism
781.64 Popular Music Resources
781.66 Rock Music

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The Indexes are a great way to find industry publications on different topics, and to follow the trail of influences of an artist, use these to search for artists, albums, concepts, etc.


If you are looking for a particular review for a show, you may know a lot of details about where and when the review was published, use Factiva to find these articles.

Finding Songs

Look in ECU Worldsearch by song title to start. Do a keyword search for [“song title”] and limit your search to printed music or recording.

Don't do a "Title" search because your song may be from a larger work, or may be included in an anthology or collection with a different title. Of course, if you are looking for the entire work, or you know the name of the collection you need, you could do a search for title = West Side Story, for example.

If that doesn't work, you may need to determine if your piece comes from a larger work (e.g., album, musical), use the Internet! There are links to good sites below.

If you can't find the song by searching our system, or the Net, you may need to check a print index to determine if the song is part of a larger printed anthology. See the "Song Indexes" below. Obviously, these are quite outdated, but can be hugely valuable for that sticky song!