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Music : Music Theatre

Everything you need to know about music resources and how to find them in the ECU library

Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology

Please click on the song location guides to find titles in the Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology series. Choose from either the Series Guide or the Voice types to easily find the songs you're looking for.

Books on Musicals

Books about musicals and music theatre are at 792.6 in the Library. For a quick virtual browse, type in the following terms into ECUWorldSearch with su: as a prefix.

Music Theatre Repertoire


The complete words of a musical or an opera, including sung words, spoken dialogue, narrations and stage directions is the libretto (Italian: little book) and are located in the Library at 780.268  Level 4.

Music Theatre Vocal scores are classified between CM to CM/AZ.  Locate this code on the shelves in the Music Collection on level 2.

BCM Code / Shelf Code Subject
CM Musicals
CM / AY Musicals Collections
CM / AZ Musicals Collections from individual Composers

Searching for a Song

If you don't know the title of a musical but know the composer or librettist name, search the name by Author in the library catalogue.

  • If you know part of the title of a musical, enter the title details in the Keyword search in the library catalogue.
  • If you know a song but don't know the composer, librettist or the title of the show enter in the song title details into the title or keyword search in the library catalogue.

Some of the older cataloguing for albums and vocal scores do not have a complete song listing to search on. Use Google to search for information about the song  (composer, lyricist, and show it came from) and search on these details as a library search.

Song Indexes

Song indexes are useful to gain author and show information on Broadway and other popular song repertoire and  these details can be used in a library search.

  • American Song 782.1403 BLO 
  • The Great Song Thesaurus 787.42016 LAX
  • Hollywood Song 782.42016 BLO
  • Popular Song Index 782.42016 HAV
  • Song Finder 782.42016 FER
  • Songs in Collections 782.42016 DEC
  • Songs of the Theatre 782.42016 LEW