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Music : Classical Music

Everything you need to know about music resources and how to find them in the ECU library

Coach Me

Coach Me Series consists of a CD with three tracks for each work; text for correct pronunciation; study versions and an accompaniment version with vocal and ensemble cues.

CD Sheet Music Library

CD Sheet Music are published scores and sheet music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras, with works for orchestra, chamber ensemble, piano, strings, winds, voice, and chorus in CD-ROM format as printed music for personal use. The ECU Library has over 80 titles in CD Sheet Music

CD Sheet Music


Music theory

The library has Music Theory titles available for loan on level 4

Music Editions

It is sometimes necessary to have an understanding of what type of music edition you are working with. Is the work an interpretation of a composer’s idea or that of an editor? You may need to consult other sources to validate an edition and the intentions of an editor and therefore have an understanding of the different types of music editions:

Scholarly/critical editions  is for the analysis of a composition or to compare version and are not published for performance.

Urtext Editions (original text), is the notation of an original work for publication without altering the music to best reproduce the original intentions of the composer. The publisher engraves a primary source of the music, such as a facsimile, into modern notation so that it is easier for performers to read.

Collected Works or complete works (Gesamtausgabeare multi-volumes sets that are complete editions dedicated to a composer or repertoire.

A great example of our collection can now be found online. Check out the complete Neue Mozart-Ausgabe for the complete Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart oeuvre.

Monuments or monumental Editions (Denkmäleris repertoire specific to geography, historic era or genre.

Facsimilie is a photographic reproduction of original manuscript, early printed edition or a historical published version of a work. Facsimilie editions give scholars and musicians unique access to original sources for interpretation, analysis and to understand the intentions of the composer.

A performance edition presents a musical work in a way that an editor belived will assist the performers learning process, add expressive features, simplify notation, accomodate page turns and clarify technical sections. There may be no indication on the score as to the source of the music or if the expression, technical or performance marking was that of the composer of the editor. Performance Editions of quality will identify original sources, include fascilmile / urtext versions and individal editorial revision and explanations so that performers can make an informed judgement on the performance of a piece. 

Anthology: a collection of  published music by multiple composers.

For further information, check out the libraries collection of  books on music editions and bibliographic research.

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