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Referencing: Workshops & Videos

Referencing Assistance: Drop-ins and Workshops

If you have any questions about referencing, come along to an academic skills drop-in session, and a librarian will be able to assist you. No need to register.

Times and locations for drop-ins will be linked below once finalised. Drop-ins run only during teaching weeks.

You may attend any drop-in session, not just the sessions for your course.

Workshops to learn referencing are run by the Library throughout the semester. If you're new to referencing or would like to become more proficient, then come along to a workshop. We will cover referencing basics, common pitfalls, and the most common reference types; we can also answer any referencing questions you might have.

The times and locations for workshops are available in the Academic Skills Workshops booklet linked below. No need to register in advance.

We will be running workshops in-person as well as online in 2021, but available space depends on our safety plan at the time the workshops are held. Arrive early to get a seat.

For our online Blackboard Collaborate workshops, please use Google Chrome or Firefox, and follow the Blackboard Collaborate link below. All Referencing workshops (and other workshops run by the Library) will run in the channel called Library Workshops.

Image showing where the Library Workshops session is in Blackboard Collaborate. The link is named Library Workshops.

The following materials (PowerPoint slides & video recording) come from our Academic Skills Workshops on Referencing. Check the notes for more information, and feel free to attend a live session if you have any questions to ask.

Basics of Seventh Edition APA Style

Academic Writer is the APA's writing and referencing database. The tutorial below will teach you what you need to know to start referencing in APA 7th style:

For specific quick guides on topics like reference elements, creating a reference list, and formatting specific types of references, visit the database linked below. Tutorials are in the Learn tab under Quick Guides.

Video Tutorials

For video tutorials on APA referencing, click on one of the titles below:

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This video provides a very brief introduction to referencing: what is referencing, and why do we use references?


The following videos introduce the two parts of referencing in greater detail: in-text citations, and then end-text references.

This 30-minute video goes over the basics of referencing in APA 7th style. This recording was originally created for an Engineering class, but the content is applicable to other areas.

This video provides a brief introduction to referencing visual art using APA style, including how to format a caption when reusing a work or a portion of a work within your assignment.

Please note that some unit coordinators might prefer an abbreviated form for some assignments. Check with your unit coordinator to make sure you understand their requirements for each assessment.

If you are preparing a work for publication, including your PhD thesis, you may be required to request permission to use a work in addition to the requirement for referencing and copyright statements.

This video provides a brief introduction to referencing music using APA style.

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Introduction to Paraphrasing