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Copyright is a set of laws surrounding Intellectual Property rights (along with Patent and Trademark laws) governing the protections creators have over their Works, and the ways those Works can be used by others. It is a good idea to be aware of Copyright law, and how to use Works responsibly.

In particular, knowing how to use Copyright and / or non-Copyright material correctly is a vital skill for professional practice.

Use this guide to discover how Copyright laws function, and the different opportunities the law offers.

See the menu to view our pages covering:

This page outlines Copyright law, including term lengths and the Public domain, as well as the main Fair dealing exemptions Students may use in their work.

Explains the different uses of Copyright work that may Infringe the law, and Non-infringing uses.

Electronic sources may have different licensed conditions than under strict Copyright law, this page outlines points to be aware of when using digital materials.

Discussion of best practice when using Social media and the Web in regards to Copyright materials.

Creators may choose to waive certain rights under Copyright law, meaning you may be able to use their Works in more permissive ways than normal. Creative Commons licenses are modular sets of permissions Creators can select from, and provide their Works for use.

Copyright compliance and Academic Integrity are not the same thing. Copyright and Academic Integrity are not mutually exclusive, however, and you may need to follow Copyright law, as well as acknowledging a source, and vice versa to be fully covered. See this page for details on appropriately referencing and using Copyrighted Work in your assignments.

Section provides general guidelines regarding Copyright for Teaching purposes (Statutory and Voluntary licenses, Ebook User licenses, etc.)

Remember: Copyright is your responsibility to follow -- when in doubt, assume material is protected by copyright.

Students should check out our page on Copyright for Students for more information, or other areas of this guide.

For Staff, see the Intranet page on Copyright for Staff, and ECU's Copyright Policy for learning materials.

Finally, ArtsLaw, and the Australian Copyright Council have a lot of excellent resources for Staff and Students.


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