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Referencing: Other referencing styles

Guide to APA 6th referencing style used at ECU

Other referencing styles in use at ECU

Although the APA 6th referencing style is used in most courses within ECU, there are other referencing styles preferred in some disciplines such as Law and Music. At postgraduate level, other styles might be used in specific courses, as advised by the course coordinator or as advised by the supervisor for research students.

Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC)

Law students are required to use the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) 3rd edition referencing style, available online via the University of Melbourne (Melbourne University Law Review). 

Many legal materials are covered by the AGLC including cases, legislation, journal articles, books, parliamentary debates (Hansard), legal encyclopaedias, loose leaf services, working papers, treaties, United Nations material and more. Hard copy and online sources are covered.

AGLC print copies are also available in the Library.


The Vancouver style of referencing is a numbered referencing style predominantly used in the medical and health sciences.

It takes its name from a meeting held in 1978 in Vancouver, Canada, where a group of editors of general medical journals met "to establish guidelines for the format of manuscripts submitted to their journals" (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors: ICMJE).

The style guide to refer to for this style is Citing medicine: the NLM style guide for authors, editors, and publishers, currently published by the National Library of Medicine. This publication permits a number of variations in format. In this referencing guide, some options are noted but not everything is listed.This style is also known as National Library of Medicine (NLM) or ICMJE style.

Journal title abbreviations

Agreed abbreviations for journal titles can be found by searching the U.S. National Library of Medicine, NLM catalog: Journals referenced in the NCBI databases.   

If using the EndNote software, you can install the Journals Term List for Medicine. See EndNote guide


Style Guides:

University Vancouver guides

Universities using Vancouver often produce in-house guides that can be useful as a 'quick' guide. These can be used providing you note any local adaptations to the style that might have been adopted by individual universities.

Some useful local university guides include:




Chicago style

IEEE style guides

Refer to the following guides for information on IEEE style:

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