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Referencing: Reports (including Government reports)

Guide to APA 6th referencing style used at ECU

General format for end-text references

General form for print report:
Author. (1998). Title of work (Report No. xxx). Location: Publisher.
Where the author and publisher are identical, use the word Author as the name of the publisher.

Technical or Research Report Reference

Learn how to format references for technical or research reports, including those published by governments, task forces, and institutions.


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Examples showing how to reference reports

Government report (Print): Individual author/s

(Dawkins, 1991)

Dawkins, J. (1991). Australia’s language: The Australian language and
literacy policy. Canberra, Australia: AGPS.
Government report (Print): Corporate author

(Commonwealth Schools Commission, 1987)

Commonwealth Schools Commission. (1987). National policy for the
education of girls in Australian schools. Canberra, Australia: AGPS.
Government report: Online

(Bishop, 2010)

Bishop, K. (2010). Risk factors and participation in work (Cat. No. PHE
122). Retrieved from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website:
Internet: Government
report available on
government agency
web site: referred to
more than once.
(Australian Crime
Commission [ACC], n.d.)

Use (ACC, n.d.) in subsequent citations in the same paragraph.

Australian Crime Commission.  (n.d.).Illicit drug data report 2006
-2007. Retrieved from 

Note. Do not include the abbreviation ACC in the end  text reference as it is not an official part of the title.

Research or university report

(Froyland & Skeffington, 1993)

Froyland, I. B., & Skeffington, M. (1993). Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
employment strategy: A five year plan for the police force of Western Australia. Joondalup, Australia: Edith Cowan University, Centre for Police Research.
Australian Bureau of Statistics: Online

(Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2009)

Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2009).  Australian national accounts: National
income, expenditure and product  (Cat. No. 5206.0). Retrieved from
Standards Australia

(Standards Australia, 2003)

Standards Australia. (2003). Guide to residential pavements (AS3727-1993).
Retrieved from

Things to remember when referencing government reports

How do I reference government/technical reports, standards, codes of practice and guidance notes?

  • Format technical, research reports, annual reports and other government documents, as you would a book. Reports often have a number. If this is the case, include the report number, in parentheses, immediately after the title.

  • Many corporate reports have a corporate author (organization, government department) rather than a personal author. e.g. Australian Bureau of Statistics, Standards Australia. See examples in ECU Referencing guide: p.21.

  • Use this format for standards, codes of practice, guidance notes, MSDS, issue briefs, working papers, and other corporate documents, with the appropriate document number, if there is one, in parentheses.

General form for print:

            Author. (1998). Title of work (Report No. xxx). Location: Publisher.
            Where the author and publisher are identical, use the word Author as the name of the publisher.

For online reports: if the publisher has not been identified as the author, then include the publisher as part of the retrieval statement.