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Referencing: Figures, Tables & Images

Guide to APA 6th referencing style used at ECU

Figures, Tables & Images: Sample References

Source In-text References
End-text References
(reference lists require hanging indent)

(Pear, 2001, Figure 7.5)

Note: Use the basic author/year mention, with an added entry about the figure being referred to.
Pear, J. (2001). The science of learning. Philadelphia, PA: Psychology Press.
Image in a book

(Seckel, 2004, Mona Lisa’s Chair, p. 221)

Mona Lisa’s Chair (Seckel, 2004, p. 221)

Seckel, A. (2004). Masters of deception: Escher, Dali and the artists of optical illusion. London, England: Sterling Publishing. 
Note: The figure, number, or caption only appears in the in-text citation, not in the end text reference. The end text reference only gives the details of the source material.
Image or Photograph Online

(Westinghouse Electric Corporation, 2009)


Westinghouse Electric Corporation. (2009). Lightning model [Photograph]. Retrieved from
(Sousa, 2008, Table 4.2)


Note: Use the basic author/year mention, with an added entry about the figure being referred to. 

Sousa, D. A. (2008). How  the brain learns mathematics. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Figures, Tables & Images: Things to Remember

Figures: Figures include images, graphs, charts, maps, drawings, illustrations, photographs, diagrams etc.

Images: You should not provide citations or references for images, but, rather you should cite the source (e.g., journal article, internet document, blog post) where the image can be retrieved (the same is true for tables, figures, and appendices). In this instance, treat the image as a direct quote. (From APA Style Blog)


Any image used in your assignment requires a caption. If the image is not your own work, it also requires an in-text citation to the original source.

A caption should include:

  • The word Figure (italics) and a number (from 1, in numerical order)
  • A title for the figure or brief description
  • An in-text citation for the reference of the source, which includes the Author(s), date and page number for the source.


The end-text reference only gives the details of the source. e.g. book, journal article, webpage.