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Employability Skills: Plan and organise

What do you need to be able to plan and organise?

With any job or project that you undertake the further you get the more complex and numerous the tasks will become. Planning and organisation skills will help you prioritise tasks so that you can arrange the appropriate amount of time for each section of the project. 

Visit the ECU CareerHub for more information, resources and support on career options and how to improve your planning and organisation skills.

Here's a breakdown of planning and organisational skills:

Planning and organising

  • Maintaining a workload-life balance with the people and the project
  • Identify how much time the tasks will realistically take. 
  • Assign appropriate time and effort to equivalent tasks
  • Be flexible to work-life demands and priorities

Implementing tasks and projects

  • Act flexibly to unplanned events or disruptions
  • Make sure to keep the project on track to reach goals and milestones
  • Be considerate of stakeholders and co-workers and their needs and workloads both inside and outside of the project

Knowing how to put together a plan and organise the appropriate resources for a task is not just an employability skill but a life skill. With a good plan it will:

  • Help you complete tasks and projects on time
  • Make sure you keep on track and don't miss out anything important in your work
  • Lowers the stress of needing to figure out what to do next with a looming deadline

Try practicing some planning skills by:

  • Planning a day trip with some friends
  • Put together a yearly budget
  • Volunteer to organise a part of an event (e.g. be in charge of drinks for a party)

See the section below for some points to look out for when planning and some tips to help navigate them.