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Employability Skills: Manage career and work life

Managing Career and Work Life

The first step to starting your career life is being able to manage and make decisions about how, when and where you are going to work. This means you are able to identify work and career options, to gain work or career advancement, and continuously expand on and improve your skills appropriately for work needs and goals. 

Visit the ECU CareerHub for more information, resources and support on career options and how to improve your work skills and knowledge.

These focus areas describe the kinds of skills, knowledge and understandings that an individual should demonstrate to be able to manage their work and career life:

Identify work options

  • Keep on top of trends and changing needs in career development
  • Operate from a broad career strategy
  • Reflect on your personal values, goals, and priorities
  • Revise your career plans as needed
  • Explore and adjust  your expectations, skills, and knowledge to suit a role

Gain work

  • Apply a wide range of strategies to gain work
  • Network
  • Adjust your approaches to suit potential employers

Develop relevant skills and knowledge

  • Use every activity as a source of insight or experience
  • Actively seek feedback
  • Identify innovative ways of developing and sharing skills and knowledge with others
  • Subscribe to industry based magazines or other publications.
  • Attend employer presentations (for sessions organised by the Careers and Employability Services, visit the ECU CareerHub)
  • Take part in workshops run by the Careers and Employability Services, advertised on the ECU CareerHub.
  • Make a career plan using templates from Headspace, Jobs & Skills WA, or JobSearch.
  • Talk with your lecturer or course coordinator about the industry and potential opportunities that are available at the moment. 


  • Take part in a fundraising event or raise funds for charity
  • Attend industry awareness days and events that include skill sessions
  • Do an internship or work integrated learning in your industry
  • Volunteer for activities via the ECU CareerHub
  • Self-directed learning via LinkedIn Learning

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