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Cyber Security: Academic Resources

Academic Resources

The sources found here are scholarly publications on and related to the topic of Cyber Security. The following resources will allow you to locate sources have been written and published by researchers in the field. 

Databases will provide you with a subject specific collection of scholarly publications such as journal articles, reports, conference papers and eBooks that are focused on the field of computer science and related disciplines. Check out the databases here if you need to research topics in Cyber Security. 

Journals are periodical publications of articles written by researchers and experts in the field. These publications look to provide current research on certain aspects of the subject at a high quality. The selection of journals provided here are a collection of some of the highly ranked journals of the year, as well as a core selection of topical publications selected by the lecturers, researchers and academics of ECU.

For more information on how to search databases, or how to filter and critically evaluate information see:

For more information on the different types of information see


Databases are a more subject focused collection of academically published materials. To search for articles and publications which are related to Cyber Security try using the following databases. 

Access Australian and International Standards

You can access a range of Australian and International Standards using the following services:

Citation Metrics are a measure of how many times a resource has been used or 'cited' in other works, and where they have been cited. If you are looking for impactful research or highly ranked Journals use these services to compare. 

Abstract and citation databases are services that present the citation connections of published articles in a field and compare their citation indexes with other published works. 

You can use the following databases to look for well cited research, literature or authors