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Cyber Security: Industry Resources

Introduction to Industry Resources

Industry resources provides information on real world organisations, projects, regulations and tools that you will find when looking at real world scenarios, or working within the industry yourself. 

Use the following links and resources to explore the people, policies, and projects around Cyber Security:

Professional Associations will provide you with some local and international organisations who govern, work in, or associate with cyber security specialists and industries. If you are looking for information on industry issues and current projects in cyber security have a look at these organisations as a starting point. 

Manuals and Tutorials will introduce you to online content that will help supplement your learning or refresh your understanding on Cyber Security topics. There are also a selection of recommended videos from sources such as LinkedIn Learning, and Informit EduTV.

Professional Associations and Organisations

Cyber Security and Computer Science

Defence, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement

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Cyber Security and Computer Science

Defence, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement

Manuals and Tutorials

See below for a selection of video tutorials to supplement your learning in Cyber Security:

LinkedIn Learning Courses

LinkedIn Learning is a good source of online courses that cover a range of topics across computer science and security. See below for a small selection of relevant courses to visit. 

Here are a selection of manuals and handbooks for content and the key software packages used in Cyber Security at ECU. 

Cyber Security Manuals

Software Manuals