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Academic Skills in Nursing and Midwifery: M4: Finding Information

 Finding and Evaluating Credible Information

This module will help you develop your searching skills to enable you to confidently search a range of sources to find credible information for your assignments. 

The most common sources you will use were listed in Module 3. We will continue to draw on the exemplar essay assignment question which you were introduced to in Module 2, and where you analysed what is being asked of you.  The next step gain an understanding and knowledge of the topic area and, at the same time acquire credible information to use as references to support your ideas, views and/or discussion points in your essay.

This is done by breaking the question into its key topic parts or concepts, planning a search strategy, deciding where to search and then evaluating and managing the search results.    

Just a reminder of the exemplar essay assignment introduced in Module 2:

Using essay format and correct in-text and end-text referencing, outline some of the key advantages of using social media within the nursing profession.  Discuss how social media impacts on the student nurse giving examples.