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Theses: Preparing for the oral examination

Preparing for the Oral Examination

Preparing for your Oral Examination

The PhD oral examination process offers candidates the chance to discuss their research with the expert examiners who have an understanding and appreciation of the thesis.

Just as you would never go to a job interview without any preparation, fronting up at your PhD Oral Examination requires some planning and preparation. There are two training session recordings below to help you prepare.  The first is a Q and A panel of experienced academics, who have each been examiners, giving their top tips for oral PhD examination. The second is a recorded training session about preparing for your oral examination, including tips on:

  • when should preparation start?
  • possible scenarios of questions which could be asked
  • practicing explaining your research clearly and convincingly
  • how to hone your communication and public speaking skills
  • ways to psychologically prepare yourself

Further training session recordings are available on the GRS Programs Blackboard site (linked to from the first page of this library guide). If you are having trouble accessing this site, more information is available in the section About this guide

Oral PhD Exam Preparation
(via Blackboard - see Session 3)
Q & A Panel training
(via Blackboard - see Session 2)
Preparing for the oral examination



The following resources present some useful pointers on preparing for your oral examination.

When looking at other university resources, please be aware that each university has its own regulations; always refer to the ECU guidelines for PhD oral examination requirements.