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Library Essentials: External & remote students

External Library Services

ECU library is committed to providing off-campus students full access to online, electronic resources at any time, from any location that has an internet connection. Our Library Search tip sheet provides more about finding materials using ECU WorldSearch.

If you live more than 50km from your nearest ECU campus, you may be eligible for external library services. This allows you to have books posted to your location, have book chapters scanned and emailed to you (please see the request a book chapter page for more information), and be eligible to use our document delivery service. Students who are eligible for remote external library services are not charged for document delivery, but are responsible for the cost of return postage on borrowed items.

To be eligible, Perth students must live:

  • outside postcodes 6000–6171; or
  • within postcodes 6040–6044 and 6124–6126.

If you live less than 50km from an ECU campus (Bunbury, Joondalup or Mt Lawley) you should use the campus library in person.

South West students in the Bunbury area must live:

  • outside the postcodes 6230–6233.

If you live within 50km of your nearest campus but have a disability that may affect your study or mobility, you should contact Student Equity for assistance.

If you wish to be exempted from the service area policy because of other extenuating circumstances, please send a request for exemption, with reasons, to

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Postage costs and subsequent wait times prevent us from loaning books to off-shore students. However, you have access to thousands of titles through the library’s eBook collection. Find eBooks either through the catalogue or Worldsearch.

You may request a copy of a chapter of a book held by ECU library - by completing the online form (or by printing, faxing or emailing the PDF form in the same link) to the External Library.

You can request a copy of a journal article if it’s available in print at ECU Library by emailing


Borrowing in person, from a local university library in your country 

Some libraries may allow you to join if you approach them individually. Some may charge a small annual fee (payable by you). If you require a letter of introduction from ECU library, ask the External Library service for the introductory letter. 

There is an agreement with the Western Australian Group of University Librarians (WAGUL) for ECU students and staff to join other university libraries in Western Australia. You can register online by filling in the registration form. Online registrations are processed Monday to Friday and may take up to 48 hours to process. If you require access more quickly please apply in person to the library you wish to borrow from. 

ALL external students living in Australia may borrow, in person, from other Australian University Libraries. 

If you work or live near any of the participating Australian university libraries listed in the link below and would like to borrow directly from that library, you will need to take your photo ID and proof of enrolment to the library. Some libraries who are not members of the reciprocal agreement may still allow you to join if you approach them individually. 

Note: There is no need to contact ECU library. The host library will supply you with a borrowing card, usually on the spot during weekday business hours. You will need to provide a photo ID as well as proof of current enrolment (students) or current employment (staff) from your home university. This could be student or staff ID card from your home institution, enrolment advice or other proof from your university. 

  • If you wish to request a copy of a journal article held by UWA, Curtin or Murdoch University Library, place the request through Document Delivery's VDX online request form. 

ECU Library offers the Virtual Document eXchange (VDX) service for obtaining material outside of ECU in support of University teaching, learning and research. Students and staff eligible for interlibrary loans and document delivery may use the service. VDX is also used by eligible users to request for printed journal articles that are held by ECU but stored off-site. 

Document delivery is available to: 

  • academic and general staff with university related research needs; 
  • graduate, honours and higher degree students; 
  • remote and off-campus students; 
  • offshore students (please note we are only able to obtain copies of chapters or articles for offshore students and are unable to send books from other libraries to these students). 

For more information, please visit the Document Delivery website. 

Telephone: (61 8) 6304 5525 


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