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Engineering Guide: Maths Readiness

Maths Readiness

Just as you would ensure your writing and referencing skills are up to scratch, your preparedness for more advanced maths usage in your engineering units is just as important.

Learning builds on learning, so making sure you review foundational maths skills will help you build on those skills to acquire your new engineering knowledge, and succeed in your engineering units.

Foundational Skills

Let’s start with the basics. You will find a “Maths Resources” PowerPoint on the Academic Skills Blackboard site here:

This resource covers the foundational maths skills we expect all commencing university students to know. It covers areas from fractions, decimals, and percentages, through simple geometry, probability and algebra.

Applied Skills

For engineering, we expect some more complex mathematics to have been completed, such as further geometry and functions (pre-calculus) through differentiation and integration (calculus). This is largely the content for ATAR Mathematics Methods, which is a prerequisite for your first year Maths units.

The University of Toronto has some fantastic modules you can access to review this content. As they suggest, start with some of the practice or diagnostic questions to review. If you are struggling with these questions, then watch their module videos, or if you find you remember it, then move onto another topic.

A further resource is the Statistics and Probability section on Khan Academy, which reviews the basics and then moves into some applications of these areas: