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Engineering Guide: Websites and Videos

Websites and Videos

Standard Format for a Website Citation

[#]           A. Author. "Webpage title." Name of Website. URL (accessed Date of access).

For webpages such as personal homepages that don't have an overarching website name, use descriptive phrases instead of the missing page or site title.


Personal webpage

[5]           G. Sussman. “Home Page-Dr. Gerald Sussman.” [Personal homepage]. (accessed Nov. 14, 2007).

News Website

[2]           J. Smith and J. Doe. “Obama inaugurated as President.” (accessed Feb. 1, 2009).

General Website

[2]           J. Geralds. “Sega Ends Production of Dreamcast.”, para. 2. (accessed Sept. 12, 2007).


[3]           J. Hunter. “Toyota’s newest humanoid partner robot.” Curious Cat Science and Engineering. (accessed Feb. 23, 2018).


Standard Format for an Online Video Citation

[#]           Video Creator, Location (if available). Title of Online Video: Title Case. (Release date). Accessed: Mon. Day, Year. [Online Video]. Available: URL

YouTube Video

[4]           Engineers Australia. Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) - Grocon PCL JV. (Jul. 23, 2017). Accessed: May 19, 2018. [Online Video].

YouTube Video

[4]           mtaOnline1, Fazi Mosque, U.K. An Occasionally Accurate History of Australia: Part I. (Oct. 23, 2006). Accessed: Oct. 6, 2010. [Online Video].