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Research Methodologies for the Creative Arts & Humanities: Theses, Books & eBooks

Research Methodology database

SAGE Research Methods Online research methodology database has a searchable collection of books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, journal articles, videos, plus the "Little green Book" and the "Little Blue Book Series". Many of the books available as ebooks in SRMO may also be available in print in the library, and available for loan.

Video 1: SAGE Research Methods Overview
Video 2: How to Start Your Research

Video 3: Methods Map and Methods Lists

To find material on the research methodology you seek enter keywords for your methodology topic in the basic search box., or alternatively use the browse options.
Methods Map
Browse Methods

Search for Books and eBooks

This Guide can only list methodology works current at the time of writing or revision. Newer works are appearing all the time in the ECU Library collection and there are older methodology works we cannot exhaustively list and sometimes your research journey may need to visit them. Additionally your research methodology might be new as a special or adaptive one tailored to your subject which leads you to search out titles which are not about the standard or accepted methodologies. So it is best to arm yourself with some search techniques of your own to find the materials you will be wanting. The same skills will be handy to use for other library catalogues and databases and over time and with practice will become intuitive.

You can search for print and eBooks available at ECU in the ECU WorldSearch

Search Technique One: Hyperlinks

Using ECU WorldSearch, examine the details of a found title and click on the hyperlinks for author, subject heading and call number to find other works that will be of further interest.

Search Technique Two: Keywords

Keyword searching will find both on-shelf works on methodologies and electronic full-text works. It is best to compile a list of keywords to use in different combinations. Once you  begin finding relevant readings, other keywords and search terms to note will appear in the library metadata and from the literature itself.

Search Technique Three: Use Bibliographies

Using the bibliographies or end-references of a work to find other related works is a traditional but still very valid way of extending your knowledge. In this way, scholarly writers share and bring their colleagues up- to-speed on their subject with current journal article citations as well as citations for  books and theses. 

Most recent methodology books in your area will be e-books and the library provides access to eBooks from a range of publishers and eBook suppliers. They may not have subject headings but usually have well detailed chapter or contents notes which are searchable

More details of eBooks are provided in the eBook subject guide.

Finding Full Text Theses

It is recommended that you search Research Online a digital repository of research output produced by staff, postgraduate students and affiliated authors of Edith Cowan University selected according to the open access policy of the University.