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Professional Science Essentials: Home

This page is for students studying Professional Science Essentials, SCI1125.

Getting Started

About this guide

This guide will help you with:

  • Getting to know the library
  • How to use ECU library resources
  • How to find information for your assignments
  • Starting out on the assignment topics for Professional Science Essentials

Where to start?

Have a look at the Researching a Topic page for a breakdown on how to search for information. 

To look for information for your assignment look to our pages on NanotechnologyPlastic Pollution, and Smart Devices and Privacy. These will introduce you to the topics of investigation for this unit. 

To get help if you get stuck with research skills, referencing, or writing including additional workshops and assistance programs have a look in Further assistance of how to get in contact with us. 

Week 5: Referencing Worksheets


Visit our key resources for each topic that may wish to use in your assignment: nanotechnology; plastic pollution; smarts devices and privacy.