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Medical Science: Websites/Statistics

This guide outlines the main resources that support those students studying medical science.


Search Library catalogue (subject and statistics) e.g. health status and Australia and statistics.

You can also search evaluated websites of government and professional organisations, for example:

Australian Bureau of Statistics publications

Austalian Department of Health and Ageing

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

National Health and Medlcal Research Council

World Health Organisation: Data and Statistics

Other Key Websites

BioMed Central open access to full text journals in the biomedical sciences

Evolution Research News Note : check Library catalogue for full text of Journals

Genome Web

Human Biology Association (USA)

Human Genome Project Information


National Center for Biotechnology Information

National Human Genome Research Institute

PubMed (internet version of Medline. Link via the Library)

Society for the Study of Human Biology (UK)

Virology on the WWW : a guide to virology information on the internet

Virtual Library on Genetics


PubMed database is an internet version of Medline produced by the National Library of Medicine in the United States.

Open access articles are freely available in PubMed. To ensure that you also have access to journal articles available on subscription through ECU Library, link to PubMed via the Library.

PubMed search results will then also include a FindIt link to locate full text articles available via ECU.

What's the Difference Between MEDLINE and PubMed? Fact Sheet explains the additional features of PubMed.

Google Scholar