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Aviation: Law/Statistics

CASA Rules and Regulations


Legal Cases

Unreported versions of Australian cases can be found at Austlii, which is freely available.

The ECU library also subscribes to the caselaw databases WestLaw and Lexis Advance, which you can use while you are enrolled at the university. These databases provide access to Australian legal materials, including full text to subscribed reported and unreported cases.


Statistics can be difficult to locate, and you will not find rigorously collected data for every question you might have.

To locate good statistics, usually you will need to know which agencies (including government, educational, non-profit, and for-profit institutions) might be doing research in the area in question.


How to Find Statistics

Identify where to search

Start by identifying organisations that might be collecting the types of data you are looking for.‚Äč

  • Governments - Most statistics are collected by national and subnational government agencies, e.g. the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Office for National Statistics (UK).
  • International organisations - Organisations and institutions such as the World Bank, the United Nations, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) collect and collate statistics from different countries.
  • National organisations - Many national organisations and research bodies collect statistics on particular areas of interest, e.g. the Australian Council for Educational Research, Diabetes Australia.
  • Professional associations - Some professional bodies conduct research and publish survey findings, e.g. the Australian Institute of Management.

Note of caution: 

International statistics are dependent on the collection of data by national governments and other agencies, so the types, depth and dates of data are not always consistent between countries.

Collection of data within individual countries

  • changes over time,
  • may be inconsistent across states,
  • and can be disrupted by events such as regime change and war.

Some places to look: