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Aviation: Journals

What are journals, and why use journal articles?

Journals, similar to magazines, have a consistent cover title, and are published at regular intervals. Individual articles may be written by different authors, and generally cover different topics. Journal articles generally contain specific and more up-to- date information than is found in books.

  • Scholarly or peer-reviewed or refereed journals are academic quality journals, which are published to disseminate research findings. There is a high expectation that students use journal articles when researching for an assignment.
  • Trade publications are published to keep professions up-to-date.
  • Magazines are published for the general public.

How to find journal articles

To find journal articles use either ECU Worldsearch or Library Databases such as Web of Science.

ECU Worldsearch provides a quick and easy way to search across all items available through ECU libraries. Articles from scholarly journals, magazines and newspapers, as well as books and audio visual materials can be found through one convenient search.

Key Aviation Journals

Click on the access links to browse through recent issues of aviation-related journals and magazines. This is not the best way to search for information for a specific topic (for that, try a database search), but it is a good way to keep up-to-date with research and trends.

Click  the following links to access a range of Aviation journals: