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Aviation: Alerts

Types of Alerts

Set up alerts to get automatic notifications from a database when new content is added. Databases have a variety of different types of alerts, and every database is different, so you may need to search to find what you're looking for. Most alerts require you to sign in as an ECU student, and then create a personal account with the database.

Three types of notifications are explained here:

Saved Search Alerts

  1. Create a search on your research topic in a database.
  2. Save your search to your account.
  3. Create an alert in your account.
  4. Receive an email notification when new items match your saved search.

Citation Alerts

  1. Set up a citation alert for a particular author or article.
  2. Receive a notification when the author or article is cited in a new article.

Journal Table of Contents Alerts (ToC)

  1. Receive a notification when new items or content are added to a specific journal in your field.

Saved Search Alerts

Saved search alerts are an easy way for you to save a search and keep up to date with new research in your field. These alerts are generally sent via email and requires you to set up a personal account in the database.

The following databases offer Saved Search alert services:



Access Engineering

Personal account features (Video)

Engineering Village

How to create alerts in Engineering Village (Video)

IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Content alerts

Informit Engineering Collection

Create alerts

One Petro

Content alerts


Create and manage alerts

Web of Science

Saving your search and setting alerts (Video)