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The 10 marine science (rd) Things: Thing 9

Thing 9: Data Management Plans

Some research institutions and research funders now require researchers to submit a Data Management Plan (DMP) for new projects.  What should a DMP cover?  Could you help with one? 

Activity 1: An introduction to Data Management Plans

A Data Management Plan (DMP) documents how data will be managed, stored and shared during and after a research project. Some research funders are now requesting that researchers submit a DMP as part of their project proposal.

1. Start by scanning the following short introduction to Data Management Plans:

2. Take a look at the Monash University data planning website and review what are some of the benefits of data planning highlighted. 

3. Now browse through some public DMPs from either  the CDL or DataOne, and open up one or two of the DMPs to see the type of information they capture: 

Consider: You will have noticed that DMPs can be very short, or extremely long and complex. What do you think are the 2 or 3 pieces of information essential to include in every DMP and why you choose those? 

Activity 2: Templates for Data Management Plans

Preparing a Data Management Plan (DMP) can be complex and should be done at the start of the project. This makes sure that all the elements are in place by the time the research team needs to publish their data. DMP templates are now freely available for reuse by other institutions.

1. See more examples of DMP template or guides from the bottom of the ANDS DMP webpage