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The 10 marine science (rd) Things: Home

Introduction to 10 marine science (research data) Things

10 marine science research data Things is a self-paced learning program that provides an opportunity to explore issues surrounding management of research data, specifically for researchers working with marine science data. 

Why do you need to manage your research data?

Effective research data management of marine science data is increasingly recognised as a critical part of the research process. It enables:

  • Trust in data you obtain for reuse from other sources
  • Reproducibility of research through increasing veracity of data
  • Increased quality of your research
  • Strengthening of researchers’ reputation through increased citations and reach of all research outputs
  • Increased connectivity between all research outputs, and researchers
  • More efficient use of scarce research funds
  • Data description for sharing and collaboration
  • Reduced risk of loss or corruption of data

How can I work through these Things?

  • All Things have 1 to 3 activities.
  • You can do as much or as little of the Things and activities as you want to do, or need to know.
  • Some of the activities are intended as an introduction to a topic, and some delve a little deeper.
  • You can work through activities on your own at your own pace, or in a group.


This program was developed from the 23 (research data) Things program and the extensive ANDS resources and materials related to research data management and re-use. More information on ANDS resources below: