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EndNote: Getting Started


EndNote X8 is a software program which allows you to manage your references by creating your own personal EndNote library of references and inserting references into a Word document. 

EndNote's main functions are:

  • Database manager: stores, manages and searches for your references.
  • Bibliography maker: builds lists of references cited in a paper and at the click of a button will create the bibliography in a number of different styles.
  • Data importer: enables the importing of references from databases into an EndNote library. 

EndNote is available as Desktop software to download to your computer and as EndNote Online. When you load EndNote Desktop, you also have access to a 2 year license to EndNote Online

Note: refer to the Referencing guide for guidance on constructing references in APA style. You must always check references entered into your EndNote library. 

Endnote Software

On campus, EndNote is available on all ECU student computers and available for installation on ECU staff computers.

As ECU staff and students, you are also entitled to install EndNote on your home computer. 

You can download the software from ECU IT Services, software download service.  Desktop EndNote is available for Window's PCs and Mac. You will need your ECU Login to download the software.

If you wish, you can also set up an online EndNote account and use the syncronize option in EndNote to automatically syncronize both online and desktop EndNote libraries. See the EndNote Online page in this guide for further information.

Saving/Backing up your EndNote Library

It is vitally important for you to back up your EndNote library.  Multiple copies should be made and these copies should be kept in different places. e.g USB, external hard drive.

If your EndNote Library is saved as a Compressed Library, then both EndNote files (references in your EndNote Library, plus data files such as groups and attached documents) will be saved. Go to the drop down File menu and choose Compressed Library.

If you upgrade to a new version of EndNote:

  • Make a copy/backup your EndNote Library, including any customised style files and customised import filters before updating your EndNote version. i.e. Your EndNote Library will be overwritten if it is only stored in the Program Files folder.
  • Uninstall the older version of EndNote before installing the new version.

Using Endnote