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Source: On demand workshops

Workshop recordings

The following sessions have been recorded and made available to ECU staff and students on demand.

     International Love Data Week 2021: A guide to open sharing and reuse of data.

As part of the ECU Library’s celebration of Love Data week this session will cover all things related to open sharing and reuse of data. Looking at best practice data management to facilitate sharing and reuse.


     Open research for open education

Presented as part of Open Education Week which celebrates the creation and sharing of open education resources and tools that make learning accessible to the world.


    Metrics for the Arts and Humanities

Citation and other metrics specifically for the arts and humanities. Learn creative ways to locate evidence of the citation impact of your research.


    Introduction to Git Hub

No experience with coding required, an introductory session on using the functionalities of Git Hub for version control and storage, for data, documents and code related to your research.


     Developing your Publishing Strategy

Map out the various publications and outputs resulting from your research project, including information about traditional and non-traditional outputs and choice of audience. The Who, What, When, Where, Why of publishing during the research lifecycle. The publication planner templates can be located here.

     Reach a wider audience with Research Online

Highlights the benefits of making research outputs openly accessible in ECU’s repository. How Research Online can help increase readership and impact as well as fulfill funder requirements. Creative commons licenses, journal copyright agreements and author’s accepted manuscripts explained.

     Managing Your Online and Social Media Presence

Academic identifiers and tools can help to boost your reach and visibility. Learn to use social media to network, and how to publish for a broader audience to increase engagement with your research.

Social Media- Developing a plan

Developing a plan to best manage social media for the promotion of your research and forming networks within the research community. The social media planning template can be located here.


See the big picture of data, find, fix errors and inconsistencies and transform data with OpenRefine




VOSviewer is a software tool for constructing and visualizing bibliometric networks. Construct and visualise networks in the literature based on citations, authorship and other factors including using text mining to identify networks of important terms.

    Advanced Excel

A workshop exploring some of the more advanced features of Excel, such as pivot tables, sorting tables and graphs.


     Reference Managers

A guide to selecting from and effectively using the various referencing programs for researchers.



    Use your data to create visulisations 2021

Researchers often need to create engaging visualisation of their data for a variety of purposes, and for a range of audiences. Learn how to effectively create visualisations to inform and interest your audiences.

Visualisations and infographics for presentations 2020

A recording of a live session, covering an overview of tools to use to create infographics and the dos and do-nots of displaying your research in a clear interesting way for a variety of audience.