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Security Science: Industry Resources

Industry Resources

Industry resources provides information on real world organisations, projects, regulations and tools that you can use when looking at real world scenarios, or working within the industry yourself. 

Use the following links and resources to explore the people, policies, and projects around Security Science:

Professional Associations will provide you with some local and international organisations who govern, work in, or associate with aspects of local, national, and international security. If you are looking for information on industry issues and current projects in security science have a look at these organisations.

Standards will provide links to how to access Australian and International standards as well as some selected standards core to the Security course.


Professional Associations and Organisations

Regulation and Standards

Standards are guidelines on how procedures and structures should be performed based on an agreed upon international standard. Use standards when looking into a process at a national or international scale. 

Australian Standards

Australian standards can be found through our Techstreet database.

Security Management Standards

Here are some core security risk management standards that you will be using in your studies.