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Information Essentials: Why referencing matters

Why referencing matters at ECU

At first glance, referencing may seem like a difficult task or just another item on your academic to-do list however, let us assure you that mastering the art of referencing is one of the most important skills you can learn for your studies. Here's why referencing matters at ECU:

  1. Avoiding the Dreaded Plagiarism Monster

    • Imagine this: you've spent hours researching and crafting the perfect essay, only to be accused of plagiarism. Yikes! Referencing helps you give credit where it's due and avoid unintentional plagiarism. It allows you to acknowledge the ideas, words, and concepts you've borrowed from others, protecting you from academic misconduct.
  2. Building Credibility and Supporting Your Arguments

    • Referencing serves as the backbone of your academic work. By citing credible sources, you demonstrate that your ideas are grounded in existing research and knowledge. It adds weight and authority to your arguments, making them more persuasive and reliable.
  3. Joining the Academic Conversation

    • Higher education is all about engaging in intellectual discourse and contributing to the vast pool of knowledge. Referencing enables you to participate in this academic conversation by acknowledging the scholars and researchers who have paved the way before you. It helps you situate your work within a broader context and connect with the ongoing academic dialogue.

NOTE: All new ECU students must complete the online Academic Integrity Modules in Canvas during their first study period (such as a semester, term, trimester, or accelerated program).