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Occupational Therapy: Websites/Statistics

This guide provides information and links about Occupational Therapy resources in the ECU Library and other useful external resources.

Australian Websites

Australian Human Rights Commission (Disability Rights)

Disability Services (W.A.)

HealthDirect: an Australian government initiative

Mental Health Australia

National Disabilities Services :Australian peak body for non-government disability services.

Occupational Therapy Australia (National) Australian Association of Occupational Therapists

OT Australia (WA) Australian Association of Occupational Therapists WA.

OTCATS: Occupational Therapy Critically Appraised Topics. This site contains CATs and CAPs focussing on Occupational Therapy interventions. University of Western Sydney

Are you savvy about the references you use?

Always EVALUATE what you're reading:

  • what are the author's credentials?
  • what are the website's credentials?
  • intellectual level of the article ... is it academic or scholarly?
  • when was the page last updated?
  • is the information factual, biased, or propagander
  • can you verify the information through other sources?