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How to do a Video Essay: Home

An introduction to the video essay

Welcome to Joey's How To: Video Essay

Welcome to the ECU guide on How to Make a Video Essay. This guide has resources and instructional information to help you find your way around the video essay.

Let's begin by watching an instructional video by Joey on How to: Video Essays. (Click on image)

In this comprehensive "How To" video Joey will cover the basics of creating a Video Essay:

  • arguing your thesis creatively and engagingly
  • question analysis
  • the research process
  • writing your well prepared argument
  • check and record
  • the visuals
  • editing
  • referencing
  • direct link:

Note: This video production was sponsored by WAND teaching and learning grant. Thank you to WAND, Tanya Visosevic, Finn Williamson and Joey.