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Speech Pathology: Journals/Databases

A guide to resources in Speech Pathology

Refereed or Peer-reviewed?

Articles published in refereed or peer-reviewed journals are subjected to a strict review process. One or more experts on the subject act as referees who review the article before it is accepted for publication. This process is designed to ensure the article is accurate, well researched, and contributes to the body of knowledge a field. Peer-reviewed is synonymous with refereed.

Key subject databases (indexing journal articles)

Australian databases

Citation databases

PsycTests Databases

Evidence-based Health Databases

Searching Tips

1. Identify Key concepts:

  • Inequality AND aggressive behaviour
  • Attach* AND infan* (infant attachment)

2. Find Synonyms (alternative keywords):

  • (aggression OR violence OR bullying)
  • (youth OR adolesc* OR juvenile)

3. Use Truncation (putting * at the end of a word stem):

  • infan* (infants, infantile, infancy)
  • aggress* (aggressive, aggresson, aggressiveness) 

4. AND (joins concepts and narrows the search)

  • power AND crim*
  • attach* AND infan*

5. OR (using synonyms to broaden the search)

  • (aggress* OR violen* OR bully*)
  • (child* OR infan* OR toddler

6. "...." (inverted commas)

  • "pulmonary embolism*"
  • "multiple intelligence*