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Academic Skills Essentials: Submitting assignments

How to submit your assignment through Turnitin

To submit your assessment to Turnitin in Canvas:

  1. Log into Canvas
  2. Click on the link to your unit site
  3. In the unit site, select Assignments from your Course menu.
  4. Select the assignment title to open the submission page.
  5. Depending on your submission type used, you will need to follow different instructions listed on the Turnitin Canvas support page.

Some assessment tasks require you to submit a media recording to Canvas. This could be a video or audio recording you create with your computer using the Panopto desktop recording application or the camera on your phone using the Panopto mobile application.  
(Note: For instructions on group video assignments, refer to the 'Microsoft Teams group video assignment' support page). 

Below are the steps to follow for a successful assessment submission: 

  1. Create and edit your media recording using Panopto
  2. Download your media file recording
  3. Submit your media file for assessment